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Crescendo: The Story


In 2018, Fred and Winnie Allen's beautiful story began its manifestation in the form of a book, now being published by HarperCollins.  With thousands who have been touched by the life, music and mentorship of Fred Allen, The book, Crescendo will tell the incredible journey of Fred and Winnie's life  and how they came to have such an immense impact on an entire community. Sharing this story allows the world to see what the power of music and mentorship can do in the lives of young people.  Winnie and Fred spent over 40 years showing generations of young adults that life is a stage and they can do more than they ever thought they were capable of. Now, its time to inspire others to do the same.

Music and the arts are a crucial component in the development of a person's formative years. It has the ability to teach confidence, discipline and self expression.  In an age when many across the nation are questioning the importance of funding and supporting music and arts programs for youth, The students and community of Fred and Winnie Allen are a living testament to the positive impact of music, drama, dance, and mentors in the lives of young people. 


Along with the book, a film is currently in development and together they will be used to help financially support The Crescendo Foundation's mission and inspire future generations to embrace mentorship through music and the arts for the youth of tomorrow. 


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